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Why folding chairs are so popular?

There are times when for seating arrangements folding chairs are preferred over fixed designs.

Folding Furniture like Folding chairs remain popular because these chairs can be folded and stored conveniently after use. After folding, these chairs occupy very little space in the storage area. This advantage is beneficial especially for venues where people in large numbers come together for special events. It is not possible for any organizer to arrange fixed design chairs on such a large scale. However, folding chairs make it easy to provide seating arrangement for any number of people conveniently and economically.

These chairs are not only functional but also look aesthetically appealing. Depending on the requirements, one can select from a wide range of folding chairs. These chairs can be found in different designs, materials, colors, styles and sizes. There are old iron tubular designs that are still popular. In recent years, various new designs have emerged. Nowadays many folding chairs have padded seats. Because these chairs are used mostly for convenience, most designs have no frills. There is also no use of furnishings that require cleaning and maintenance. These chairs are usually needed as temporary seating arrangements during weddings, concerts, meetings, and any such place where seating facility for large number of people must be provided.

These chairs are very light in weight and can be carried easily from one place to another. The transportation cost of transporting lots of folding chairs is negligible compared to transporting fixed design chairs. In fact, the use of folding chairs is not new and goes back to thousands of years. While metal remains the preferred material for making the folding chairs, other materials like wood and plastic are also used. In some designs two-three materials are combined together. For example, a folding chair may be made of iron tubular structure but the seating may be made up of thick and strong fabric.

Folding chairs are also used as home office chairs. These chairs are a good choice for commercial establishments where space is at a premium. It can be used only when there are customers or clients. Thereafter, the chairs can be folded and stored conveniently away from the sight. The same place can be used for other purposes when chairs are not needed. This makes it possible to use the same place for various other purposes and have multiple sources of income. Folding chairs can be arranged neatly and can be folded by anyone with minimum effort.

Before buying folding chairs, buyers should prepare a checklist of things needed in the product. This will help avoid any confusion in the store where every design seems perfect and more attractive than the other designs. Usually these chairs are purchased in large numbers so it is possible to get discounts and rebates from furniture shop. When it comes to buying a modern office chair, there are various options available in the range of folding chairs. In homes and offices, these chairs can also be used as computer chairs. Because of so many advantages, folding chairs are used extensively in homes, offices, halls and at work-sites.


  • Folding chairs are a very smart option when it comes to furnishing a meeting hall or conference room of sorts or at home when you are going to be having a large group of people over. They aren’t the most comfortable so you want to make sure if your meetings or get together’s are going to last very long that you purchase the padded seat ones. I love my folding chairs.

  • Thanks for a actually outstanding and an remarkable bit of data. Just 1 word. Great!!! and thanks for this gift of knowledge!

  • We having folding chairs at home because our house really isn’t big enough to have a large dining room that hold all of our family at holidays so we store the chairs in a closet and when we need them we can set up card tables and chairs in the living room for everyone to set at and eat. I think depending on the business they would be great in the office too.

  • I think the type of business you have should determine if you use folding chairs in the office area or not. If you are in the corporate office it might not be the best idea for any business but if you are in a branch office of say a construction company or cement company, then folding chairs wouldn’t seem out of place. I do like the idea of the ease of storage they present.

  • Folding chairs are very practical but it just depends on where you are going to put them. Obviously you don’t want folding chairs in your executive offices but in the offices out in the shop or on the manufacturing floor doesn’t matter. The best advice I can think of is, think about what you would think if you walked into a certain office and found folding chairs, use yourself as judge.

  • I think the fact that they have started making these chairs out of something besides metal tubing is great but do they last as long? I like the looks of the wood ones when we are using them in a family gathering because they match the dining room furniture better than the metal ones. I don’t think the plastic ones would hold up very well at all. What it the different weight limits on them?

  • Wow…that is all I have to say…WOW! This was excellent. I’m learning how to be successful in this new globe, and truly do one thing of value. Wonderful Stuff! Keep them Coming!!!

  • I would agree with that order for one of the most portion.Wonderful write-up.Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  • I have seen these types of chairs a lot in my friend’s art gallery when he hold an art auction. I have also seen these in ballrooms of hotels when I attend any seminars. Speaking of chairs, I am in the market for a good computer chair that is comfortable and flexible so I can recline and remain long hours seated with my laptop computer. So I would prefer adjustable hand rests or a wide base. Can anyone recommend anything on this site?

  • I have been surfing this site in search of a good work station table. I want it mainly as a table top where I can stand a 60 inch flat screen LCD screen. I may also use it as a work space from time to time. I am also looking for a comfortable office chair. Maybe one with a mesh back, but I need one that can recline so I can feel comfortable for long periods of time.

  • I noticed that this company is located outside of the United States. Is this the location of the corporate headquarters only or is there a branch based in the United States ? The reason I ask is because I would consider buying some office furniture from this web site, but not if the goods would have to be shipped from the United Arab Emirates. The shipping costs for such a journey would be ridiculously high.

  • I sure wish my business was thriving enough so that I could furnish my executive office suite or even just enough money to have a conference room like the one pictured here in this web site article. I can barely afford closet office space. I am wondering if this site a seller of high end furniture. I can only assume that because they do not publicize any prices for any of the items. They use an inquiry button instead.

  • I never considered how difficult it is to find good office furniture. The only way you get the best is by paying top dollar for it. But if you are trying to get the most quality on a limited budget, it becomes very tricky and quite tedious. It wasn’t until I started working on my computer for hours on end, that I began looking for comfortable furniture that would help me remain relaxed and comfortable.

  • Maybe I am just not aware of more types of folding chairs, but I sure wish they would make folding chairs that not only fold for storage, but also are adjustable to recline slightly or in other ways. There is nothing wrong with offering a little more comfort for the audience member or employees or whomever else will be using these types of chairs. Comfort should not be limited to high priced executive furniture chairs.

  • I watch certain soap operas from time to time, including Days of Our Lives, which features one of the main characters who is a business tycoon. It is always interesting to me to see the various set design furniture pieces for his executive suite and many of those are modern pieces like the ones I have seen throughout this web site. Since I can’t see any prices, perhaps because of the foreign currency exchange, I ll assume it is high end office furniture.

  • When I started to read this article, I couldn’t help but notice the active link to folding furniture. So I followed it in order to quench my curiosity by seeing what type of folding furniture might be available on this site. I came across a nice looking folding table which is exactly what I am looking for to hold my new flat screen TV. It looks like one of the tables at Costco. I only hope the price is just as affordable.

  • I keep reading about how Dubai is the newest, boon town where millionaires and billionaires go to vacation, do business and play golf at one of the many opulent country clubs and luxury hotels. Tiger Woods himself goes there to vacation and to play golf. So it does not at all surprise me that there exists a company that caters to high end executive furniture based in a central area of this region of wealth.

  • I worked for a large company for over 30 years. Setting up chairs for different events was a common practice, and over time, I was able to witness the transition from folding chairs to fixed position chairs first hand. I must say, I think the introduction of fixed chairs turned out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread! The chairs are light and easily stack vertically on each other, and are stored on rolling racks. They actually took up much less space than the folding chairs, and without the length of the folding chair racks were much more maneuverable. One of the things I liked best about the fixed position chairs is they come with arms as an option. this makes sitting in long drawn out meetings much more tolerable. Although it was very uncommon, we occasionally had people lean back in folding chairs and either get pinched, or do damage to the chair at the hinges. the last time I priced the chairs, I found the price between the two very comparable. This being the case, I guess my vote goes out for fixed position chairs.

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