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Fireproof Cabinet Choose Your Product with Proper Attention


Many important documents and files are valued the most in an established business and there is no fire insurance that can protect them. The best answer to overcome this issue is to buy a fireproof cabinet. Let us discuss this furniture in detail.

  • Fireproof filing cabinets are specially coated with a liquid chemical, which prevents the cabinet from heating. They are designed to withstand heat and insulate your essential files and papers from fire.
  • This cabinet is available in the market with various specifications. You can protect your media, records & documents from fire for varying periods of time depending on the specifications of the cabinet.
  • The most trustworthy references is that of The Underwriters Laboratories. It approves the fire resistance of a number of fireproof filing cabinets and burglary safes and a number of reputed manufacturers abide by it.
  • If your business handles a good number of media and digital records as a part of day-to-day activities, then it is suggested that you should buy an additional fireproof media safe for varied security reasons.

The working of this cabinet is simple. After reaching a certain temperature, it starts emitting a liquid. This emitted fluid prevents the safe from getting heated and protects your vital documents inside for a long time. Thus, in the case of a fire emergency, you are free to vacate your office with the confidence that none of your precious files and records will go down to the fire.

Home Fireproof Cabinets

The market also includes a wide range of fireproof cabinets for home use. These products typically have a plastic lining around the door, which is specially designed to melt and seal together during fire. This prevents not only the damage caused by the fire, but also a loss that might be caused by the water that is used to extinguish the flames.

Additional Features Are Also Counted

A standard fire resistant file cabinet comes with several other excellent features. Custom colors, and diverse styles, such as lateral file storage, come as a great option for high-end signature series cabinets. There are a number of security features as well. Almost, all fireproof filing cabinets are equipped with locks, at a minimum, because users will likely be storing important documents within.


While a wood cabinet is surely a classic choice, but it offers no protection from fire. If this kind of cabinet matches with your home d├ęcor, a black wood file cabinet may look awesome. However, only use them for storing non-critical files, and put your essential documents in fireproof storage.

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